A Lazy Mood

one-arm-triceps-extension-arnoldExercising requires focus so that you maintain good form, which helps prevent injuries and boredom. However, to work out you don’t have to be in a certain mood; if you’re waiting until you’re in the mood to exercise then you will rarely get around to working out. A routine is essential to working out, and its easiest if you do it daily.[1]

Even once you’ve developed a routine, it is really hard to get motivated to exercise some days. Today in particular, I didn’t feel like exercising, and I don’t feel like writing this blog post. I’ve been drinking too much coffee, which has disrupted my sleep patterns and made me toss and turn last night. I even cancelled my early morning class in the middle of the night because I wanted to be able to sleep in as much as possible!

I didn’t enjoy my workout today, but I completed it nonetheless; I focused on keeping good form and simply trying to do all of the moves until I finished the workout. One thing at a time, just like I’m writing this post one word at a time; I’ve committed to doing both so I’m just doing it. I’m also feeling a lot more positive since working out. My mood lifted, and I’m looking forward to relaxing after writing this. I’m also done drinking caffeinated coffee for a few days so that I can sleep better. Sometimes I just get carried away with it because it tastes so good!

This is my process for working out, and it’s applicable in most areas of my life. If I have decided to do something I’ll follow through. I don’t have to enjoy the process at all parts, nor make everything perfect. Sometimes just getting through the day is hard, but that’s all right because there’s always something to look forward to. By sticking to my daily workouts I increasingly look forward to being healthy and happy, sometimes throughout them and other times shortly thereafter.

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