OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABreakfast is my favorite meal of the day. For most of my life it consisted of sugary cereal with milk, until I found that it was the cause of daily migraines and reverted to experimenting with other foods or skipped breakfast until I decided on what I eat today.  I love egg whites and avocados, as well as vegetables and tea; these are my breakfast staples, which I eat most days.

While many studies have been done about breakfast and whether or not it is a good habit, I could not find a single scientific article that reported poorer health for people who ate breakfast compared to a control group. For example, a study that will soon be published in the Journal of Hypertension concluded that eating a larger breakfast reduced hypertension in subjects, as opposed to a larger dinner, which boosted blood pressure.[1] Several studies also claim that eating a regular breakfast contributing to good health is a myth, but they are also likely to be based on studies where subjects ate carbohydrate-rich breakfasts.

For many Americans, the typical breakfast is unhealthy. It’s often a multiple-course meal consisting mainly of sugary processed foods and beverages, like cereal, orange juice, flavored yogurt, toast and jam. This image of a typical breakfast is also often featured in the media, whether it’s in cereal commercials, fast-food advertisements or movies. This is what Wikipedia has as the image for an American breakfast:


This photo is mostly showing sweetened, highly processed foods that are high in saturated fat, as well as an entire avocado and a single egg. The proportions are all off! Meanwhile, studies have shown that what you eat for breakfast matters just as much as whether or not you eat breakfast.

A recent study showed that people feel more satiated and are less likely to eat a heavy lunch if they eat a protein-rich breakfast compared to a breakfast that contains more carbohydrates. [2] A protein-rich breakfast is still easy to make, you can even make it ahead of time.  Consequently, eating breakfast is a great way to kick-start your metabolism, establish a routine and be consistently healthy from day to day.

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