LA Marathon: Motivation for a Triathlon

LAMarathonlogoThis past weekend I watched the LA Marathon – first on TV and then in person by the finish line in Santa Monica. Seeing athletes complete the marathon, I noticed that most did not look as exhausted as I had expected them to look. I was watching the elite runners finishing first, but most of them had just run the course in a time to set new personal records. Why then didn’t they look spent?

I realized that training had well prepared these athletes for the marathon distance. I could also see the joy on many of their faces because they were doing something they love, and achieving their goals in crossing the finish line. It was incredibly motivational. So much so in fact that I have decided to compete in a race for the first time since high school.

I’m planning to do a sprint triathlon in about three months. The distances for the triathlon are about half a mile of swimming, 16 miles of biking and a 3.4 mile run. While I am confident that I could even now do all of these three events individually, the combination will be a challenge.

Planning out and maintaining a triathlon training schedule is now a fitness priority. I may not post daily blog entries when my training intensity peaks about a month before the event, but I definitely will write about my successes and challenges throughout the process.  For this I’m starting a new category, “triathlon challenge”, in which I will file this and all other related entries.

Also, I will be swimming and biking regularly now, and occasionally trying to test out my running abilities (don’t want to strain my knees!) If anyone has competitive experience in any of these disciplines, especially if you know about intervals and tapering, please let me know! I’d love to have your input as I develop my own regimen in the coming weeks.

Thanks in advance for your support!