Core Workouts


Although you may not get washboard abs just from core workouts, they are key to fitness. The area from your mid thighs to your armpits is called the core because it supports your spine and torso, meaning it is integral that you strengthen it along with the rest of your body. If you have a weak core, for example, your arms could lift some heavy boxes but your back won’t be sufficiently supported and you could severely injure yourself.

Core stability enables your other muscle groups to function fully because it maintains strength and balance in your torso.

Numerous research studies support the fact that the core is key to good balance and injury prevention:

  • According to a 2007 study, researchers found that cyclists who strengthened their core stability significantly decreased their chances of injury while bike riding for long distances. [1]
  • Soccer players that were involved in a similar study were found to have fewer knee-related/costly injuries if they performed core strengthening exercises regularly. [2]
  • Older adults were also found to benefit from better balance during their daily activities if they participated in a core-strengthening routine three times a week. [3]

Core exercises, like strength training, can benefit everyone regardless of age or fitness level.

Some of my favorite core exercises include mountain climbers, steam engine, bird dog, yoga bicycle, heels to the heavens and side-arm balances. Due to the fact that the core is such a large muscle group, there are literally hundreds of different ways to workout the core – I’ve even found a few different exercises that I have yet to try while doing background research for this article. Sites like and the Mayo Clinic show plenty of varieties.  Share your favorites with me!

As with all other exercises, it is important to vary your routine and to consistently come back to these muscles while still giving them a break. I do a core-focused workout at least once a week and then also do core exercises at least three times a week. It’s one of my favorite muscle groups to target because I keep finding new ways to focus on core strength and stability.

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