Debunking Abs Workout Myths


Some fitness programs and many websites claim to have the key to great abs. They will typically feature 7 plank or other core or abs-focused exercises that you can do for 21 minutes to get well-defined abs “in no time.” (

This is extremely misleading, and disheartening to people who try it and do not see immediate results. But why don’t people generally see results? A six pack will not be visible if you have virtually any excess body fat because the stomach is one of the last areas to tone down and the first to flare up.

The only way to have a flat stomach is to be fit all-around. This requires daily workouts that focus on all of your major muscle groups. It also entails a well-rounded diet that minimizes sugars and processed foods. Additionally, for a six-pack, you also need to do core and abdominal exercises at least every other day. This would be a major lifestyle change for more than 90.0% of Americans!

I’m adamant about debunking such abs workout myths because someone I know shared the link above on Pinterest recently. Seeing it, I clicked and became sick at the thought that people believe such claims and then become demotivated when they do not see results. I was that person for most of my life! I never understood why my body had so much fat on it when I was working out regularly. Now I know that it was because I wasn’t actually pushing my body to the max for long enough periods, nor was I even watching what I ate. I wouldn’t ever say that exercising is a wasted effort, but I do believe that people have to know what they’re aiming for and the average overweight American should not expect to get a flat stomach with a six pack “in no time.”

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