Debunking Myths about Diet Soda

Just a few of the many diet sodas out there

If you’re planning on dieting, you may be tempted to reach for a can just because it says “diet” on it and advertises zero calories.

But does diet soda help you stick to your diet?

Many people believe that diet sodas cause weight gain. A Yale Prevention Center spokesperson claims, based on extensive research of the literature and studies done on the subject, that diet soda does not cause weight gain.[1]  But the Yale Prevention Center is funded by the Center’s for Disease Control (CDC), which in turn is influenced by lobbyist groups, including beverage producers. So although drinking diet soda and weight gain may be correlated according to some studies, the majority of scientific literature does not prove that diet soda causes weight gain.

Myth #1 debunked: Diet soda does not directly cause weight gain

Assuming that diet soda is not causing people to gain weight, will it help satisfy a sweet tooth?

Oprah says it best: “Artificial sweeteners are more than 100 times sweeter than natural table sugar. This is cause for concern since naturally sweet foods, like fruits, won’t seem as sweet to a desensitized palate.”[2][3]

Myth #2 debunked: Diet soda will not satisfy your sweet tooth

U.S. news research concluded that the effect of sweeteners on taste preference may be why studies have not been able to prove that diet soda helps consumers like you and I control our weight.[4]

In other words, when we consume sweets, including diet soda, we crave more sweets. This makes sense to me because I was shocked to see how much less I was tempted by sweets when I cut high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) from my diet… and I’m consistently surprised at how my taste preferences evolve whenever I consciously stop eating foods for more than a few days without any kind of sweeteners added. I’ll be posting more about why sugar, HFCS and other kinds of artificial sweeteners are bad for you at a later date.

In conclusion of all of this research, however, diet soda makes it easier for you to stray from your ideal diet. You have to make your own choices every day, and not drinking soda will help you be healthier, even if it does not contain calories.

Here’s a similar post that I found when doing my research, it’s written by a dietician:

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