Debunking The Secret Formula


I am proof that the secret formula to looking and feeling great does not exist. I have exercised and eaten right consistently for just under one year, and I’m still noticing gradual positive changes in my body and mind. It is challenging, but so rewarding that I am highly motivated to continue this journey.

Before last March, however, I spent two full years struggling to find time to exercise three times a week and only mostly eating “healthy foods”.  I plateaued after several months and maintained a relatively healthy lifestyle, but I did not feel spectacular. The trick that got me off of the plateau was when I began P90X, at which point I began to exercise and eat right every single day. This was when I truly began to research what foods and routines would get me results.  Although I did just 5 months of the P90X routine, I studied up in the meantime and have incorporated many different workouts into my life now. I say, “studied up” because I had to first understand how to keep building on my physical and mental strength.

I have learned every body is different. Routines that work for me fail to motivate my friends, and vice versa. Foods that I love make others queasy; I’m still not entirely sure what my personal best diet is, so I’m experimenting by omitting various potential sources of intolerance and then adding them back in to try and gauge changes in how my body functions. That said, certain rules apply to everyone. Having a deep understanding of how fitness should work will help anyone to illuminate a path toward optimal health.  Learning how your body reacts to different foods and exercises is one of the most important steps toward finding out what works best for you.

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