Get Your Zzz’s


One of my top priorities when planning my schedule is making sure that I get enough sleep.  Not only does lack of sleep harbor many physical side effects, as seen in the chart above, but also it makes me feel relatively incompetent.

Luckily, my lifestyle enables me to get enough sleep. I no longer need to study long hours and I am also much less stressed than I was in school; a regular 9-5 work schedule has helped regulate my time. Furthermore, while exercise has been even more instrumental in relieving my stress and anxiety, yoga has been my key to learning how to focus my mind and help my body to relax and wind down for the night.

Personally, the most infuriating part of sleep deprivation is my inability to focus. Not only does this disrupt my thought processes, but it frustrates me knowing that I’m not doing my best at whatever I am trying to accomplish. Therefore I aim for 7 hours of sleep each night, which, through trial and error, I have found to be optimal for my mind clarity. This is challenging if you tend to over-commit to doing things with or for others, or simply if you drank too much caffeine (or alcohol) that day. Occasionally I do sacrifice sleep, but I am doing this much less as I realize its effects on the following day.

I hope that you can figure out what affects your body’s ability to sleep and make sure to accommodate it as much as possible. Many diverse factors go into getting enough sleep, and because everyone is different I cannot possibly name them all in a blog post, so I’m just emphasizing sleep in general as a fundamental part of achieving health and happiness.

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