Guest Post: Positivity

christina ross

Christina has an incredibly positive and uplifting personality. I could feel her positive energy while shopping in Sur Le Table one day, and sure enough she soon began helping a fellow shopper pick out a juicer. They began talking about her business, PattisseRaw, and her blog, love-fed. At that point I joined in on the conversation and we all exchanged information; I was excited to meet someone who was also living and sharing her healthy lifestyle, but more importantly someone who was incredibly positive.

I recently asked Christina to jot down some notes on what she does daily to stay so positive, and here is the list she made. I am incredibly proud that she references some of the methods I’ve already featured on Fresh Grit!

  • Practice gratitude: Whether I take one minute to acknowledge some of the things that I am grateful for or fifteen minutes it always feels good. It’s an instant pick me up especially when I catch my mind wandering off into the trap of not having enough or not being good enough.
  • Get outside: This is my daily vitamin, Rain or shine I must go outside! I love waking up and first thing going right outside when it’s calm and peaceful before the day gets busy! I’m always in instant appreciation for a bright new day, fresh air provided by the trees, and the beautiful birds that sings songs to me upon waking. Being outside, quiet with nature is a powerfully moving experience. I feel centered, inspired and infinite perhaps because in nature there are no walls, growth is abundant, and anything is possible!
  • Eat a healthy breakfast: I love starting each day with a juice, this helps me set the tone for my day, choosing to treat my mind and body with nutrients that encourage positive growth.
  • Exercise: At the very least I walk daily. Sometimes, I only make room for 15 minutes.  No matter how long or short I have to move to stay positive. I find moving my body helps me release energy that I am holding on to. I also find the moving my body helps fight fatigue, which can sometimes cause irritability, and mood swings. When your feeling blue it may be hard to do so but get to moving, chances are whatever feelings or emotions were weighing you down will have passed right through.
  • Breathe: Much like moving the body, breathing helps me to focus my mind on my breath therefor taking my mind off of distracting thought patterns that tend to interfere with my clarity or positive attitude. Break free from constant mind chatter by taking a few deep breaths and you will notice an instant reset.
  • Be aware of thoughts: By paying attention to my thoughts I am able to correct the ones that are not in alignment with my beliefs. For instance, if a negative thought passes through my mind instead of getting tangled up in it and possibly depressed by it, I can choose to acknowledge the thought as passing by, but I certainly do not need to feed it. If I don’t feed the negative thought it will starve and then I can replace the thought with something positive.
  • Refill my creative heart: When feeling a little less creative or in need of new inspiration I take these feelings as a sign to do something new. Check out an art show, look through cookbooks that I may not have ever considered before, take a different street when I walk. I use boredom or lack of new ideas as a gentle reminder to try something new, to go out and explore. This always helps me refill my creative well!
  • Create something: make time for creativity! Sometimes my creative time is also my mediation time. Just as you might make time for exercise, seeing friends, or eating, make time for creating. We all have great ideas and our ideas deserve some attention too. I find that I always feel fulfilled when I create whether it be a new recipe, painting or planting a new plant in my garden. Creativity is a birth-gift, why not share yours with the world?!
  • Doing kind things for others: Whether it’s buying a tape roll at the post office for the next customer to use or leaving a dessert in someone’s fridge I feel a great sense of joy when I do something for others. A great way to take my mind off of myself is wishing the best for those around me.
  • Walk with a smile and live out loud: I can’t tell you how uplifting it is to meet someone new all because I was smiling, wearing a bright outfit or simply because I said hello! I love walking around my neighborhood and taking a moment to say hi to people, if not with my words then with my smile. It’s amazing how a reciprocated smile can hug me straight in the heart.

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