Motivation from the Greats: Roger Federer

roger federer I recently read an interview with Roger Federer, one of the athletes I respect the most both on and off the court. He mentioned that “the more famous you become, the more great everything seems when things goes well, and the worse they seem when things don’t go so well.” This reminded me of people’s struggles and successes with fitness and health.

Once you get going with fitness, it becomes easier to stay on track. Habits form within weeks and, shortly thereafter, physical changes become increasingly apparent. The endorphins from exercising make you want to continue just to feel good. Your body also becomes stronger, so it’s easier to do workouts because they are less painful and you are more flexible. It’s like a snowball rolling downhill that continues to gain momentum!

It’s also important, however, to stay in-check with reality. Federer mentioned in this interview that people were impressed with his average matches, and blew out of proportion the amazingness of his good matches. Since he didn’t give in to the praise and stick to impressing people, Federer was able to become and remain the world’s tennis number one for years. It is extremely important to stay focused on your game, your goals and not let other people decide when you’ve accomplished the task at hand.

This applies in many aspects of life, apart from fitness. The harder you work, the harder it is to stop and let it all go. So if you think something will make you truly happy, then it’s worth making it a priority just to see what happens after a few weeks. Who knows, months or years may pass and you may grow and increasingly enjoy the experience. Once you enjoy doing something and want to become great at doing it, don’t let others tell you how far to go. Listen to your instincts and what you believe you can truly accomplish, even if nobody has ever done it before!

Here’s the interview that inspired me to write this post. It exemplifies Federer’s great sportsmanship and his realist outlook on life, which is refreshing and truly respectable.–ten.html

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