Whether you’re banging on percussion, chanting ohms or listening to a recording, music is a strong tool that can alter mood and mindset. Media often use it in this fashion; for example eerie music is often played when something is bad is happening.  On the other hand, a bright, sunny scene often opens with an upbeat tune that automatically makes you happy – you might even smile! link to smile post It’s a motivational tool you can even use to improve your exercise intensity.

Use music to relax and alleviate stress by listening to music that you enjoy, or simply by having fun making your own music (even if you’re bad at it). I’m tone deaf but love singing karaoke from Youtube link: for stress relief. Of course, I refrain from singing at the top of my lungs at work and generally close the windows at home to spare my neighbors. Even though I’m bad I have a lot of fun, and it definitely takes my mind off of everything else!

Music therapy is increasingly used in hospitals around the world to reduce anxiety and boost people’s spirits because so many people attest to its power. It’s been shown to reduce depression in patients that listen to music over an extended period of time, and reduce a mother’s anxiety prior to a cesarean section. [1] [2] Listening to soothing music while going to bed can even help insomniacs fall asleep![3] Also, listening to music is the third most-cited way for med school students to de-stress. [4] Even recreational lap swimmers that rated no increase in their enjoyment of swimming with music in the pool swam faster when it was played.[5]

Due to the ubiquity with which music is used to help people, it should be clear that you’ll benefit from its effects. So find a tune you enjoy, or make a new one of your own, and rock on!

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