My Yoga Practice

agata crane poseIt’s impossible to adequately describe the amazingness I feel when I can relax into an awkward pose, and the blood-pumping awareness of flow that boosts the feeling in every nook and cranny of my body. My practice escalated from a yoga session three times a month to three sessions a week in just over a year.  It’s become an irreplaceable part of my routine.

Yoga became a weekly workout when I committed to P90X, though that is my least favorite video from P90X because it’s off rhythm. Regardless, it made me feel increasingly strong and I began reading up on different routines, and even planning my own. I also bought a few deals for yoga classes in studios nearby, and the teachers greatly improved my practice and drew me in even further. I’m at the point where I miss the practice when I scale it down to just two sessions in a week, which only happens if I want to focus on a different type of exercise.

I’ve been so drawn in because yoga is not just an exercise routine. There are elements of focus, awareness, balance and meditation that go beyond physical challenge and enter the realm of spirituality. The positivity in my life is much greater because of the joy I regularly experience during the routines.

Thanks to the skills that are inevitably developed when practicing something so regularly, I’m increasingly enjoying my yoga practice. I’m constantly exploring various routines on my own and, also, there are a few teachers, Derek Beres in particular, who keep me on my toes in class by constantly switching up traditional poses to flow in peculiar and beautiful ways. So much work and focus goes into the yoga, and it feels empowering when it’s all over because I know that I’ve become stronger both in body and mind.

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