Myths About Feeling Pregnant

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I’ve always heard stories that women feel a certain way when they become pregnant; that they “just know” that that is it. I realize everybody is different but I want to share how I’ve been feeling. Today, I’m about a month and a half into my first pregnancy and, for me, “just knowing” turned out to be a myth. Noting symptoms of pregnancy, even when you’ve just begun trying for one, was also much more complex than I had expected.

Myth #1: I did not “just feel” pregnant

Myth #2: The symptoms of pregnancy are obvious

In hindsight, my first clue that I was pregnant should have been my abdominals. I had been attending bar method classes regularly during the month of March. The workouts are super core-focused and I felt my abdomen tightening up starting from day one. By mid-month my stomach began to expand despite my consistent diet and these tough, regular core-focused workouts!

Then, I actually thought that my period was late a couple of weeks ago. At the time I was feeling bloated, and had the same type of slight mood swings that generally signal PMS for me. I skipped on drinking with some friends because I knew that alcohol makes me feel worse at the start of my period. I expected it at any moment…

But the bloated feeling continued and the period never started. The pressure began to change too; it went from just feeling like I may have gas to an outward pressure on my stomach.  At that point, I took an at-home pregnancy test and it came out positive. My husband and I took a few days to let it sink in before telling a close friends and family.

I also began telling my yoga teachers at this point. I did not know how to adjust to the pain in my stomach, and what feelings were good or bad. Right now I’m pretty comfortable with all of the adjustments and am continuing to deepen my practice. It’s fairly intuitive adjusting to the changes in my body so far, both in yoga and other aspects of my life. Mostly I’m very much looking forward to the next few years, more than ever before. I also now feel much closer to my husband and have been experiencing strong emotions from time to time, but they’ve been controllable thus far. I’m incredibly thankful for all of the support I have from the people in my life, the research I’ve been doing for this blog, and for the hard work I’ve put into making my lifestyle healthy and happy.

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