Natur’el Tea Tasting

Natur'el TeaShortly after I last wrote about how much I love tea, Jolene from Canadian tea company Natur’el Tea contacted me. She offered to send me some samples of her organic tea. I sure am glad I accepted her offer!

I tried several blends of my choosing and I am particularly fond of the “Black Mate Morning” and “Assam… man!” flavors of Natur’el Tea. They’re both strong, yet not overwhelming black teas with a nice tannic mouth-feel. I could taste that the tea leaves are hand blended in small batches, because of the subtle flavors that seeped through every sip of tea that I’ve taken – and although I’ve been looking forward to reviewing the tea, I have to admit that it’s been a busy month or two and it’s been incredibly nice to enjoy the tea throughout this time.

If you’re in the market for some great flavors and a fan of trying some interesting tea that’s sourced from exotic locations throughout the world, definitely check out the Natur’el Tea website at You can also use the coupon code HappyTea0113 to get a 25% discount if you order in the next two weeks!

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