Plants: Quintessential relaxation

Plants are like art; the greenery of leaves and vibrancy of flowers is gorgeous. Plant structures are superbly diversified and have amazing lines to contemplate; I often wonder how vines can stay upright and reach so far! I look forward to watering plants and pruning leaves; caring for anything living is gratifying.

Indoor plants are an especially important connection to nature in urban environments. Some benefits are that they filter the air for us, turning carbon dioxide to oxygen and even filtering out some of the pollution our society creates.  They are also interesting to observe over time as they grow and change. They go through cycles of growth, flowering and eventually death.

Because I don’t really enjoy that last part, I love having plants that will thrive for years; perennials as opposed to annuals. Yet these tulips I came across on Pinterest look gorgeous and I plan to give this project a try.

tulipMany plants are superbly easy to grow and need to be watered just a few times a month. The first plant I owned died early because I didn’t follow the growing instructions; I didn’t have a spot in our apartment with the right amount of light for it. But I’ve learned since then on how to better care for plants by buying the ones I can properly care for.

Just like with most things, you need to plan ahead to properly take care of a plant. I now seek out staff at a nursery to get advice on which plants will work best for the spot I want to put them in and the frequency with which I’m able to care for them.  Thereby I make sure that I can properly take care of the plants I keep.

Sunlight and water, resources that are available to most of us, are all we need to provide for plants in order for them to flourish in or around our homes, and even in the workplace. Surrounding ourselves with such greenery helps to relax and reduce the stress in our busy lives.

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