Red Wine


Red wine is my go-to alcoholic beverage these days because I’ve heard about many positive health effects despite it’s alcoholic content. Beer contains gluten and other alcoholic beverages are generally way too strong for me because my tolerance is virtually non-existent after a year of occasional drinking. But when I do choose a treat(link to post) I love to sip slowly and enjoy a nice cabernet, or even a sweeter port.

And it turns out that the hearsay about wine is generally spot on:

  • Drinking red wine regularly slows the development of Alzheimer’s disease[1]
  • Red wine inhibits testosterone excretion (which could be a good or bad thing)[2]
  • Dealcoholized red wine decreases blood pressure[3] and has heart protective benefits[4][5]
  • Red wine is bad to drink while pregnant as it inhibits the development of the fetus’s circulatory system and brain.[6][7]

In moderation, red wine’s health benefits may outweigh the fact that it’s a highly processed version of grapes, which are already high in sugar. Choose red wine that does not have sugar added, and many times you can also pick out a bottle from a winery that has environmentally sustainable business practices. Also, try drinking outdoors to take in the fresh air where the grapes were grown, it’ll enhance the taste and boost your enjoyment.

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