Schedule workouts: Just do it

No Excuses

Just like you eat, sleep and breathe every day, your body works best when you exercise every day. Even if you don’t feel like it, your body needs regular exercise to stay alive for the long-term.

But the excuses always creep up, which is a big reason why I am motivated to write this blog and help others stay committed to exercising. Before I seriously committed to doing a workout at least an hour-long X times a week (and kept increasing this number until I got to 6) I often had trouble sleeping, I was moody and I hardly lost weight despite watching what I was eating. But the thing that has helped me keep going is developing a routine.

The key once I finally started losing significant weight, was that I was specific with exactly how much time I would spend, and when. I now schedule in the time to take care of myself properly, and thereby consistently “get around” to exercising. And I didn’t wait for a specific turn of events to start doing this: I got inspired and planned a workout.

Do whatever works for you: develop the habit of working out regularly by scheduling your workouts as far out in advance as you need to. Form a sound routine and stick to it: If you don’t feel like doing your planned workout, be spontaneous with a different workout instead.

If you really can’t bring your energy level up then take the time you already have set aside to go for a walk and stretch your muscles. I have a couple of routines for such days that are easy on the body and mostly involve stretching with some cardio.

Never let yourself down, show up and take care of your body. You will be better for it. The bottom line is: just do it.


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