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A great way to get motivated is to have positive support from people in your daily life. If the people you’re closest to know your goals to be healthy and happy, they should encourage you and help you stay on track. Choose to tell a few positive people who will not criticize or dismiss your goals but will help you achieve them.

I’m not encouraging people to share everything through social media, quite the opposite!  Having a core, small group of supporters is essential to success. However, if you let everyone know what your plans are then you’re putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to live up to others’ expectations. This is a stress you can definitely avoid, especially at first!

Even if you’re not sharing everything with people, once you begin making positive progress you won’t hear the end of it! The beauty of living a healthy lifestyle is that it makes you look great. These days, people consistently complement my husband and me, especially friends and family that we don’t see on a regular basis, because they see huge changes when we do meet. It took a couple months before we were noticeably different, and it’s hard explaining to people that it’s not really what they see that matters, rather it’s how we feel and our long-term health. But it is motivational to hear that we’re looking good, even if we’re not doing it for the complements!

As a bonus, sharing your accomplishments and how you succeed will also inspire others, especially to those close to you. Sometimes, those who help support you will even be motivated to join in and start up some healthy habits themselves, and then you can support their decisions. Just remember that you cannot change others, you can only change yourself. And through changing yourself, you change your own reality.

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