The Real Skinny: Book review

If you want to identify exactly when and why your bad health habits creep up, and how you can work through them, then The Real Skinny is written for you.  It’s not just a weight-loss solution, but also offers a strategy to work through your deeply rooted personal issues to develop sustainable healthy habits.

the real skinny

As promised on its cover, The Real Skinny directly addresses 101 unhealthy habits, and provides immediate strategies or solutions to develop healthy habits in their place. It addresses many of the dietary and fitness problems I faced a few years ago.

The book starts out addressing many of the excuses that I used give for being overweight. For example, it discusses blaming your metabolism and genetics for excess weight. Fat habit #2 is: I have such a slow metabolism. I hardly eat anything but just can’t lose weight. The book explains how people who have excess fat actually have a faster metabolism because their body needs more energy to sustain itself. This is something I didn’t figure out until I watched The Weight of the Nation documentary series last year.

Amongst the myriad of tips and tricks, the book also addresses important issues that people with much more serious health problems, such as depression or diabetes, must work through. In addition to helping identify and avoid unhealthy habits, the book provides a meal plan for weight loss, and lots of yummy-looking recipes in the back.

This book would have been a great place for me to start developing healthy habits years ago. Three years ago, I blindly began scrutinizing my lifestyle with minimal knowledge and many misconceptions about what was healthy. The Real Skinny provides a solid strategy and knowledge base that anyone can use to begin developing healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

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