To Eat or Not to Eat: Cucumbers

Sliced cucumber

Cucumbers are a green oblong fruit often associated with refreshment, relaxation and even rejuvenation. I used to eat cucumbers fairly frequently; in fact I ate cucumbers at almost each meal for the three weeks while traveling abroad in Eastern Europe. – I really enjoy the taste to this day. However, since eating healthier and learning to listen to my body, I’ve noticed that my stomach feels funny whenever I eat even the slightest bit of cucumber. So I’ve been avoiding them. Should most people eat cucumbers regularly? Pros


  • Cucumbers are shown to be low in antioxidants[4] and vitamin A[5]
  • They potentially contain elevated lead gay porn and nitrate concentrations. This even includes organic cucumbers![6][7]

After all of this research, I feel justified about avoiding cucumbers and I’m not convinced that they are among the healthiest fruit, despite their soothing image. As an aside, during my research I also discovered a way to make a cucumber into a shark… fun!

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