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Engaging in new kinds of workouts is not only good for you but also helps you keep workouts fresh. Even if you don’t particularly enjoy one type of fitness routine, you can take any aspects of the movements you learn and apply them to other new workouts. When I plan out my own workouts, like I did last week for hamstrings, I incorporate movements from a variety of disciplines in order to mix it up and focus on a set of muscles from different angles.

Variety is the spice of life and can help you consistently improve your fitness routine as well as your body. This past week I’ve begun a month of doing bar method workouts at least three times a week, the past two months I did yoga just as often.  I make sure to be hyper-aware of my body during new movements as a way to learn good form and prevent injuries. Doing different workouts on the days in-between my new focus also helps me check-in to observe sore spots or pain, and ask instructors how to mitigate it in the following class.

I switch up the main workouts that I commit to as a way to learn new movements, but more importantly to get to know my body better. For example, the yoga that I did last month made me aware of the tension that I tend to build up in my shoulders, and taught me how to let it go. Similarly, bar method is making me focus on my posture, though I’ve only gone to two classes so far!

To consistently stay committed to fitness, I constantly search for and think about disciplines I have yet to try or particularly love doing and desire to deepen. I’m currently starting to look into taking either kickboxing or kenpo-type classes in the future because I particularly enjoy the kenpo workout in P90X, or perhaps I will try Pilates   I try to keep an open mind to whatever pops up in my area, though I also check reviews to make sure that people are happy with the experience. Everybody is different and I may not love it as much, but I definitely love to try out a new kind of routine for a while and see what aspects I want to bring into the workouts I create.

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