UnBLOK by Manduka: Product review

manduka unblok

The UnBLOK is a yoga block that’s rounded and convex on one side. It’s one of Manduka’s most recent innovations, and I’m a big fan.

To begin with, I want to clarify that I love rounded things because they don’t hurt me when I walk into (or in this case, fall onto!) them. Indeed, this rounded feature has been my favorite part of the UnBLOK. I can comfortably lean back onto it and do a chest opener without having a corner poke into my back! Since I do chest openers most days, even when I’m not doing a full practice, I have used it almost daily since receiving it.

I have also been using it like a regular block throughout practice. Some of my top uses for it include stability in balance poses, as well as to prop up my supported shoulder stands and a supported bridge pose now that I’m more pregnant and feeling it in practice.

My chief concern with the UnBLOK was that it might be less stable. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to work with a pair of these to try elevated transitions in arm-balances, for example, I haven’t had any issues. The convex side of the block is the side you’d hold in your hand in such poses, however, so I do anticipate the possibility of aggravating wrist issues using the UnBLOK directly in arm-balance situations.

The look and feel of the UnBLOK is also unique. The texture is smooth and comfortable, and the color of my block is a beautiful aqua (marketed as “breeze”), which is relaxing to look at. Plus, more than 50% of the materials it’s made of are recycled; it’s eco-friendly and sustainably sourced, just like most of Manduka’s products. It’s more solid (less foamy-feeling) than most of the blocks I’ve used in various yoga studios (including Gaiam and Yogitoes brands) although it is still made out of foam and lightweight. This is a plus for me because the block feels more solid beneath my weight, and because the sides are rounded anyway the potential problem of a hard corner poking in your back was solved in its design. That just about rounds out everything I could think of about the UnBLOK, please let me know if you have any questions, and get your own UnBLOCK here!  http://www.manduka.com/us/shop/categories/products/gear/recycled-foam-unblok/

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